Ford Q cab and Super Q cab Door and window seals

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Newly developed draught seals for all Ford Q and Super Q cabs


We have taken a lot of effort and a significant investment in developing these new rubber seals to a high standard of fit and quality. These seals are made with the same mouldings of the original parts and come with the pins to mount the seal to the cab or door frame.


Not only are these a precise fit but we have also enhanced these seals by using stainless steel moulded into the sections where previously Ford New Holland used a mild steel. A common issue on the door and especially the rear window seal is that this steel would rot within the rubber and eventually fail to hold the seal in the correct position. With using stainless steel this solves this problem happening.


Another area we have improved on is we use a stronger plastic mounting pin to secure the seal to the frame of the doors and cab, this prevents the seal pins pulling away from the frame. This is commonly seen on the doors and especially the corners of the side windows when the glass is closed tight it gradually pulls the pins from the cab frame.


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Original Part Number Reference:

Side window seals: D8NN9429733BC > 83947573     D8NN9429732BC > 83947572

Rear window seal: E7NN9442082BA > 83961299 -126" Long with 2 ends       E7NN9442082CA > 83961298 - 154" Long 

Door Seals: LH- D8NN9420531AC > 83947568  RH- D8NN9420530AC