First One To Go! Arrowhead R55

The first of our latest Arrowhead R range rock breakers left our yard this week.


Stuart Hanna from Hanna Contracts was upgrading his Arrowhead S20 to a new R55.


Stuart had bought his S20 from us back in 2007 and was so impressed with his hammer he took this opportunity to upgrade to the harder hitting tie-rodless R55. On the same 2.5 ton Yanmar, this took the S20's 340 joules per blow up to an amazing 610 joules per blow for the R55. Along with the more compact design for easier access on trenching work.


Stuart says-

"We bought the Arrowhead S20 8 years ago and in that time we have worn out 3 chisels and never had a spanner near it, only having to gas it twice! I have been very impressed with the Arrowhead hammers and even on site along side other rock breakers it breaks harder and faster and gets through the work much quicker."


This is what Stuart said of his S20. We will follow up with him to see how his R55 is performing, though he had already immediately noticed a big improvement on the already impressive S20.


BELOW: Stephen Robinson with the new R55 ready to be delivered on site.

R55 First sale 

 BELOW: Stuart Hanna from Hanna Contracts with his new Arrowhead R55R55 Stuart Hanna

 R55 Stuart Hanna 2